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Hannah Mosley



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Covid 19 Policy must please be read before sessions and adhered to and consent/enrolment forms completed before attendance.

We always request that payment for a new block is received promptly. Payment is always requested on the day before the new block. £16 will cover 4 sessions.

On the day of the new block payment must please be made 24hrs before the session starts, non payment may result in children being unable to attend the session.

Only the full 4 week payment will be accepted as weekly payment options are not available.

 If your child is going to be away or no longer wants to attend class, 5 weeks written notice must be given (text/emails acceptable) with absent/leaving date stated, any other non-attended sessions will still be chargeable.

Exams and shows:

Dancebeatz dancers partake in exams and a yearly show. These are not compulsory and non-participants can still attend class as usual. You will be updated on dates for exams and shows throughout. Please speak to me regarding current show and exam dates.

Additional information…

Children to please wear something they can comfortably and safely move in, e.g. trainers/pumps/dance shoes/leggings/tracksuit/t-shirt/ joggers etc.

No boots, sandals etc to be worn.

Please bring water for water breaks as class can get quite energetic.



































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