Privacy Policy

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Dancebeatz (Hannah Williams) respects the privacy of clients and only collect the necessary details, to include Name, Address, Contact data and Screening information.

Personal Data will be collected from screening clients via a form and only obtained on signed consent.

Information is collected to allow the best service to be provided for client safety. Contact may be used in case of emergency and for any cancellations and promotional updates. Clients are added to mailing lists upon consent for Updates/Cancellations and can unsubscribe at any point via link in emails or upon request.

“Dancebeatz” does not share personal data with third parties and all personal data is kept locked away securely and added to a secure database. Information is only kept for as long as legally necessary, data will be destroyed in compliance with the GDPR.

Business contact must also be conducted via business Email, Telephone and Facebook page.

Clients/Participants can delete and access details at any time upon request.



COVID 19 Safety Policy

Monkbretton community centre Classes-  Covid 19 safety measures.


  • Any attendee who have tested positive for covid 19, are self-isolating or has Covid 19 symptoms, must not attend and will not be allowed in the venue. (continuous cough, loss of taste/smell, temperature)

, temperature)

●        Social distancing must be adhered to- at least 2 metres apart, floor markings  outside, in the corridor and in the centre space.

  • Face coverings to be worn on entrance and exit. (under 11s are exempt).
  • Please only bring what is needed for sessions. Personal baskets will be provided and cleaned between sessions.

●        Only class attendees will be allowed in the building to stop crowding in the corridor therefore parents can not enter the venue, children please to be dropped off at the outside door (I will be waiting to greet children within sight).

●        Children to hand wash /sanitise on entrance/exit and if using the toilet facilities.

●        Please bring your own personal hand sanitiser (60% alcohol to disinfect covid) Sanitiser will be provided by myself and the centre if this is not possible but we do advise you bring your own to again reduce the risk of touching same surfaces.

●        Continue to practice hand washing for at least 20 seconds.

●        Entrance will be through the front and the exit through the fire door exit.

We ask that children be picked up promptly to allow for cleaning and the next group.

Exact drop off/start times and pick up/finishing times will be given and these must please be adhered to.

Any questions can be emailed/texted to myself after/before class.

Exit- Parents again need to wait outside where children will be supervised on leaving, if they or I can see a parent/guardian they won’t leave the building.

●        All consent forms will be done electronically and completed before attending.

●        Classes must be booked in advance no turn up on the day spaces will be available.

●        The disabled toilet will be open but we do advise to please use home facilities before and after class. Hands washed after using the toilet and the toilet will be cleaned down with the venue. Only one person will be allowed in the toilet at any one time.

●        The venue will be cleaned down before, after and if needed during session by myself.  Any touch areas to be cleaned- door handles etc.

●        Cough/sneeze into sleeve/elbow and wash/sanitise after.

●        Windows and doors opened on my arrival to allow for fresh air ventilation.

●        The music level will be lowered to reduce risk though shouting.

●        There will be no changing area; attendees must come ready for class.

●        Any garments/items  left will be thrown away

●        Shoes to remain on so please wear correct footwear for the activity. (No boots/sandal etc. Trainers, jazz boots or pumps etc. to be worn)

●        Minimal use of corridor/waiting area only to use on entrance and to gain access to toilets.

●        The kitchen will be closed so no entrance will be allowed for water etc.

●        Attendees must bring their own water bottles and keep in their own space.

●        Spacing during class…

Correct 2m social (at least) distancing and there will be less people in class to adhere to this.

Each attendee will have a floor spot/line and movement will be within their area.

Choreography/exercises to be updated to minimal travel and no face to face, partner and floor work to be modified.

●        All payments to be made before class via BACS no cash transactions to reduce the risk of handling.

●        Track and trace- All information will be obtained prior to attendance and added to a secure database. Registration will be done electronically by myself on entrance.

●        Face coverings- Face coverings to be worn by adults if 2 metres cannot be held.

Face coverings not worn during fitness/dance activities.

●        Teacher/myself- A marked line in front of the teaching space that participants and teacher should not pass. If teacher/myself needs to attend to a child/attendee visor to be worn if 2 metres cannot be held. Gloves to be worn if first aid is to be administrated.

●        Teacher to teach from the front and teach forward facing where possible (not always possible without mirrors)

Participants advised to stay on their marker and put their hand up/gain teacher attention if they have a question etc. Teachers to practice social distancing and have own sanitiser as well as keep washing hands.

●        All children will attend in the same bubble, bubble will not cross over with the same children attending each session every week with the exception of new people starting then sticking to the bubble they started in.

●        If a child develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus (COVID-19) during class they will be taken to the entrance and attended to by a member of staff (who is to wear PPE) parents/guardians will be contact to collect and advised to follow NHS guidance on self-isolation. The child with symptoms should then have a test to see if they have coronavirus (COVID-19).

Where the child, young person or staff member tests negative, they can return to the setting when recovered.

Where a child, young person or staff member tests positive they should follow government advise on self isolation, NHS Test and Trace will speak directly to those they have been in contact with to offer advice.

●        If a child who attends or staff member at class tests positive for COVID-19 then the setting will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace. NHS Test and Trace will speak directly to those they have been in contact with to offer advise.

●        The centre will be notified for deep clean and will also follow government guidelines on positive test within the faculty.

●        We advise staff and attendees to follow government guidelines outside if class settings.