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4.30pm-5.15pm (Intermediate/advanced)

5.20-6.05 pm (Intermediate/advanced)

Silverdale commumity centre, Monkbretton, S71 2PP.

£4 per child(£16per 4 sessions) 


Pure up to date Streetdance choreography, 

learn routines and freestyle with style and attitude.


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 4.30pm-5.15pm (age 4 +)

5.20pm-6.05pm (age 7 +)

£4 per child (£16 per 4 sessions ) Silverdale commumity centre, Monkbretton, S71 2PP

Please contact for your child's age group 


Explore Streetdance fused with various other dance styles, funk, jazz, contemporary and much more. Mix it up and get the latest moves.


 places are secured on payment, missed sessions are non refundable. 5 weeks notice is needed for holiday refunds.

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Currently unavailable

Please contact us for bookings and details